42nd edition

Apr 27 2017


6:00 pm

Autonomous Robots

The autonomy of robotics is going to continue to influence the way humans and computers interact in our world. They currently serve many hobby, commercial, and military uses and we’ll take a dive into those use cases and how sensor fusion enables the ability to navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles in real time.


Mark Stratis

6:45 pm


7:00 pm

0-100 deep learning image classification

This talk is about image classification using convolutional neural networks


Malaikannan Sankarasubbu

7:45 pm

Massive Scaling with Kubernetes

Introduction to Containers
1. Operating system level virtualization
2. Insights into container on the way it works
Introduction to Docker
1. Why it becomes essential to use Docker these days
2. How to build Docker image
3. What is Docker registry and push/pull
Introduction to Kubernetes
1. Architectural overview of Kubernetes [ Pod, Replication Controller, Container, Secret, ConfigMap, Services ]
2. Kubectl CLI Specifications
3. Kubernetes template system [ Kind: Deployment, kind: Pod ]


Raja Ravi

8:30 pm

Networking & Dinner

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