21st edition

Feb 2 2019

Evolving Interactions

Touch, Speech & More...

09:30 AM

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Welcome Note

By: Sivasubramanian

10:15 AM

Evolving Interactions - Touch, Speech and more..

Let's get to know Interactions better

By: Bharani Subramaniam

Resources: Presentation

10:45 AM

Building Confidence in Testing Chatbots!!

Compelling benefits of the conversational interfaces imposes idiosyncratic challenges in testing. The talk will revolve on tackling those challenges and the shift of testing perceptions to handle it. With first-hand experience in chatbot testing, we will share our approach towards testing the various architectural components (like NLP engine, chat Platform, domain skills etc) involved in the chatbot landscape and making the system production ready..

By: Sharanya & Debarun Sharma

Resources: Presentation

11:30 AM

Tea Break

11:45 AM

Let's talk with Alexa & Validate it!

Why waste time doing routine mundane tasks like booking a conference room for meetings. Let's see how Alexa can do it for us. Let's look at how we tested this assistant and made it production ready and the challenges we faced when we came up with use cases and how we scaled it.

By: Abdul Kader Jeelani & Ganesh Kumar

Resources: Presentation

YouTube: Link

12:15 PM

Verifying Interactions based on Face & Voice inputs

As we move into digital revolution of IOT and ML, it is up to us how to apply for better use. This talk walks through one of such use case, where we demonstrate evolving interactions like facial recognition. We will discuss how we test certified it to be usable.

By: Ankit

Resources: Presentation

YouTube: Link

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Challenges of a QA in Virtual & Augmented Reality - A high-definition immersive experience!

Ever watched 'Ready Player One' movie and wondered what's the tech behind the movie? This talk will introduce you to the disruptive technologies of Augmented reality and Virtual reality. These potentially life-transforming yet nascent technologies poses severe challenges to test as well. Let's take a first stab at testing AR/VR apps.

By: Deepa Sajani & Sukumar Mennan

Resources: Presentation

YouTube: Link

2:45 PM

IOT from an Agile Testers view!

By: Deepak

YouTube: Link

03:15 PM

Testing Strategies for Interactive Apps

A wrap up talk on different testing strategies to get these new interaction apps production ready.

By: Nanthakumar Arumugam

Resources: Presentation

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03:45 PM

High Tea and Networking


Sivasubramanian V
Office Principal, ThoughtWorks

Siva is the Office Principal of ThoughtWorks Chennai. He has close to 17 years of experience in software development with large part of it being a software architect on large and complex projects. Currently, he owns and manages office operations, delivery, capability development in niche areas and career development of TWers in Chennai office.

Sharanya S
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Sharanya S, Developer at Thoughtworks for 10 yrs. Interested is technical design and architecture of systems. Has recently worked on a chatbot Bumblebee designed to self-service Thoughtworkers. It is a multi-skilled bot that caters to everyday queries and helps with weekly routine remainders with push-notifications!.

Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Debarun, been a part of ThoughtWorks for just over a year. Likes to design solutions to solve everyday problems faced by people and some of which we are already taking care of at Bumblebee. Also interested in using technology to help create a fair & just world.

Ankit Shukla
Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Ankit is a developer working with Thoughtworks. His interest lies in data science and machine learning. He believes that in mounds of data lies knowledge that can solve most real-life problems.

Deepa Sajani
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Deepa Sajani Jeyaraj, with close to 6 years of experience at ThoughtWorks is a polyglot developer.She has shown commendable work in the fields of devops, web, mobile and cross mobile development.She is a champ at winning hackathons by coming up with crazy ideas and materializing them.

Ganesh Kumar
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Ganesh Kumar is a Senior Consultant, currently working as a Business Analyst for ThoughtWorks. He is having 12 years of experience in Business Analysis, with project management and product owner. He has been part of Capital market, Disclosure management, Information governance, E-discovery domains and in IoT.

Market Tech Principal, India & Europe, ThoughtWorks

Bharani, with 18 years of experience has been building applications since the late nineties, when he started his career as a VC++ win32 programmer. He is a connoisseur of various technologies but his passion lies in simplifying system designs. He also indulges in building strategies around data engineering and making the most of real time analytics for ThoughtWorks’ clients. Bharani in his current role as the Market Technology Principal for India and Europe devotes most of his time to shaping new pursuits, actively participating in client projects, while also crafting blueprints that eliminate projects’ SOS calls, for rescue. He collaborates with the ThoughtWorks' Technology Advisory Board that puts together thoughts on emerging technology trends in the industry, resulting in the much sought after Technology Radar. Bharani curates the technology inputs from India, Turkey and Singapore..

Nanthakumar Arumugam
Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Nanthakumar works as a Lead Consultant with Thoughtworks. He has over 15 years of experience in IT industry his experience includes architecting, managing and delivering projects for global fortune 500 clients. His passion inludes IT consulting, analytics, cloud computing and Agile practices. He holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and Masters in Software Systems. He is a certified Project Management Professional from PMI, USA.

Abdul Kader Jeelani
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Abdul Kader Jeelani is a Senior Consultant with 10 years of Industry experience, with a year of experience in ThoughtWorks. He is a Functional Programming and Domain Driven Design enthusiast.

Sukumar Mennan
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Sukumar Mennan has 8 years of experience in Automotive and Mobile. He has worked with leading clients in the entertainment & news industry to build and provide solutions for complex iOS/tvOS/embedded applications.

Deepak Paramasivam
Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Deepak, a thoughtworker, played testing and development roles.

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